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Fantasy Gaming Championship Trophy Design

One of the main challenges within the recognition industry stems from conceptual design. Most of the time, the requests are pretty straight forward to accommodate with a themed design that contains a logo and some text. However, not too uncommon are the requests to take something abstract in the digital space and turn it into a physical award or trophy for an event. The challenge with these requests is that the concept has typically never been made before, so going through the process of transcending a digital creative 2D design into a physical 3D product can be a lofty task for any organization to produce while managing the customers' expectations.

Creative designs often start in the grey area which means they’re still conceptual in nature. Over the past 30 years of working with customers to extract their vision and create a unique product has been no easy task. Every project has a different starting point with its design, and through our experience and clear understanding of the customers' expectations, we’ve been able to provide tailored approaches to work to make the process as easy and stress free as possible for them.

A fantasy online video game with its humble roots of starting in a garage with a few friends saw significant growth over the past few years. Through it’s rapid capture of market share, the game caught the attention of a couple wall street financial firms which ultimately led to its acquisition and that move accelerated the growth of the game, globally! In the midst of increasing demand, the founders wanted to establish their first ever championship event and the winner would receive a variety of prizes and one of which would be a prestigious trophy that was architected from themes and easter eggs in the game. The task at hand was to create a substantial trophy (about 15”H) that blended an enchanted forest along with a magical wizard's ball. The only resources that were provided were a few screenshots and a few creative calls with their marketing team.

This was not an uncommon request for the Bluestone team, however the biggest challenge was to blend two major elements from the game so the final design looked and felt organic. The concept matured from screenshot, to sketch, to rendering, and finally to a 3D printed sample. This entire process took about 3 weeks to complete and once the final design updates were made, the factory got to work. Our vision for this product was to leverage modern technology to produce a product that was made from more traditional materials.

The final process took us from model, to 3D print, which was then used to create a mold, then the metal casting was poured then finished. The result was a single bronze metal statue that was hand painted and topped with a battery operated, remotely controlled, color changing magical glass sphere. The finished product could not have been more impressive and to complete the product, it was shipped in a custom presentation box so that it can be shipped to the onsite event, and safely shipped back home to the recipient.

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