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Bluestone Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule

Our office and factory will not be operational during the holidays listed below. Please take note of these dates when requesting quotations and submitting orders for production.


We offer friendly email reminders with upcoming shutdown dates and you can subscribe to receive those below.

Domestic Office Holidays
The USA office will be offline during these dates, but the factory may still be operational, assuming no overlap in holidays.

  • 1/1/24: New Year's Day

  • 5/27/24: Memorial Day

  • 7/4/24: Independence Day

  • 9/2/24: Labor Day

  • 11/28/24: Thanksgiving Day

  • 12/25/24: Christmas Day

International Factory Holidays
The factory will be offline during these dates, but the US office may still be operational, assuming no overlap in holidays. 

  • 1/1/24: New Year’s Day

  • 2/2/24 - 2/20/24: Chinese Spring Festival

  • 4/4/24 - 4/6/24: Tomb-Sweeping day (ancestor’s day)

  • 5/1/24 - 5/5/24: Labour day

  • 6/8/24 - 6/10/24: Dragon Boat Festival

  • 9/15/24 - 9/17/24: Middle Autumn Festival (moon cake day)

  • 10/1/24 - 10/7/24: National day

Holiday Reminder Newsletter
To receive email reminders for upcoming Bluestone holidays, please subscribe below.

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